5 Tips to a Simple Business Automation | Engagement Email & SMS automation tips

5 Steps to a Simple business automation tip – automate engagement communication _ Consci Group – Systems Desk

Steps for a simple business automation hack to easily trigger relevant and personalised email/sms communication to your customers to increase sales and save time.

Use a Customer Relationship Management platform

Also known as a ‘CRM’ and it stores your leads & client data empowering the ability to connect client data to create business productivity automation hacks.

CONNECT Customer Engagement Platform

In short a ‘CEM’ automatically sends personalised relevant messages to your customers across multiple devices and platforms. Syncing with your CRM customers details to automate communication based on productive time saving communication

create an email/sms template

Create your email/SMS template for replying to a lead/customer recurring communication. Examples: the welcome email for your customers or the enquiry form response or Quote request . . .

Add tracking URLs & personalised tags

Tracking urls can be automated into your personalised communication templates for any CTA/links to identify a lead/customer to trigger relevant & timely personalised communication.

set this basic workflow to send

With the customer data in your ‘CRM’ & the behavior data and triggers in your ‘CEM’ you set your platform basic workflow rule to: When a customer does [X] send communication template [X].